Sunday, January 1, 2012

Long Time, No Write!

Happy New Year! It's been quite awhile since I've entered the blogosphere. Many a change has occurred since May. Went full-throttle into looking for, finding, and closing on a house north of NYC, which consumed most of my summer and fall, and left no time for blogging!

Now, the fam and I have left beloved Brooklyn and migrated north to the Hudson Valley. We've traded a lot LESS action for a lot MORE space. 

A worthy tradeoff? Mostly. There are some moments that we miss the BK terribly.

Well, since my last post's subject was the much-anticipated Mermaid Parade, I'll share with you the finished Steampunk Siren costumes I created for my friend and I. My favorite parts? The necklaces and tiaras! 
Awesome, right? I found most of the components from some great suppliers on Etsy, and went to town. We had a blast at the parade--the perfect mix of sunshine and sideshow. Gotta love Coney Island! I'll tell you, it was interesting riding the subway in our costumes. Definitely one of the highlights of an insanely busy summer. Here's the finished look.

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