Thursday, January 12, 2012

Today's Fave: GoGo Vintage

GoGo Vintage
A great love of yesteryear inspires the designers/collectors of Gogo Vintage. Handpicked, whimsical vintage clothing and accessories are their specialties. They also create custom designs that hearken back to bygone eras. The GoGo Vintage shop's Mad Men-esque offerings were the inspiration for one of my Etsy treasuries. This sassy plaid coat is one of my favorite looks from their shop.
GoGo has a clear vision for what they want to offer--nothing trite, everything charming and stylish. Their collection would make Joan Holloway squeal with delight!
This darling custom made nautical dress with embroidered ribbon trim channels Maria from The Sound of Music. Can't you just see her skipping through a square in Vienna in this?
If you're a retro lover, check out GoGo's full collection on Etsy. These lovely wares can be shipped anywhere in the US and internationally. Start practicing your skirt twirling now!

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