Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hello, Lovely: Upcycled Chic

From the first time I spied the Lilian Asterfield shop on Etsy, I immediately got a major case of the "Wants". Vintage ties turned into gorgeous women's neck adornments? So cool and original!

Nicole Deponte, the designer of this amazing line, had her "aha" moment years ago when she stumbled on two trash bags full of neckties.  Her creativity spawned what is now her highly successful line of accessories that include neckwear, brooches and fascinators. All are handmade in the United States, and are available online and in high-end boutiques around the country.

This eco-savvy collection melds edgy and whimsical elements to create amazing looks with cleverly combined patterns and prints. Ms. Deponte has managed to make a collection that's feminine, without being saccharine--the perfect balance every modern woman should have. Take a look through the Lilian Asterfield collection, and you're guaranteed to have a case of the "Wants" too!
To have an upcycled lovely of your very own, check out the shop here.


  1. Those are so awesome! I would totally "wear that to the office," even if my office weren't at home. Is this an inspiration for one of your upcoming projects?...

  2. Thanks, Sarah!
    I'm incorporating posts about designers whose work I love, as well as blogging about my own collection.