Monday, January 9, 2012

Little Darlings: Some of My Etsy Faves

If you're like me, a "quick" peek on Etsy can easily turn into hours of ooh-ing and aah-ing. Every click just leads you further down the goodie-filled rabbit hole. Since joining Etsy, I've come across some wonderful designers and artisans creating items that make me want to reach through my computer screen screaming, "Mine, MINE!". Here's a sampling of the lovely offerings available from some of my favorite shops.

Made by Moe
This designer collects and assembles vintage components to create new and delightful jewelry. Moe has a keen eye for color and stone combinations. There are cabochons in colors so soft and rich, they look like frosting flowers.
Some pieces in the collection play with the juxtaposition of hard and feminine, like this grey agate and pink rose necklace. This piece showcases Moe's talent for creating good composition and balance in a piece of jewelry. It's one of the things that repeatedly draw me to her shop.
When I look through Made by Moe's collection, it evokes afternoon tea in a sunlit parlor--so many delectable things to see and sample!

Janine Basil
Embrace your inner superhero with this awesome collection of retro/comic-inspired accessories! Janine's handmade designs have an amazing blend of kitsch, sparkle and originality. The girl who sports these looks can't be viewed as anything other than fun and bold.

Janine is a London-based designer, who describes her lovely wares as "retro geek style, with a twist of glamor and glitz". Her Day-Glo color palette packs a superhero-size punch with rich reds, blues and yellows. There are plenty of sweet and sassy options for the extroverted party girl and the quietly confident retro fashion lover. As for sparkle, this collection has it in spades!

That rhinestone pillbox hat is pure glam, and I love it! You've got to take a virtual stroll through Janine Basil's shop, and you're bound to fall in love too. You can look out for new additions on her Facebook page. And the best part: she ships internationally, so you can have your very own Janine Basil design come to you from across the pond!

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