Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Yellow, Yellow, Kiss a Fellow: Latest Treasury

What a gorgeous day here in the Hudson Valley! It's like a little taste of spring, and I'm loving it! There's nothing like a good dose of Vitamin C to make you feel human again. In light of this lovely weather, I made a sunny treasury of yellow items from my fellow "TT Team" Etsy members. Here are a few highlights.
Bright yellow pillow by pillows4fun on Etsy
Yellow handlebar mustache cufflinks by Bijotti & Ciciotti
Yellow quilled flower wall hanging by S. Vaeth Designs & Photography
Do check out the shops of Pillows 4 Fun, Bijotti & Ciciotti and S. Vaeth Designs to see more of their fabulously sunny creations!


  1. A good dose of Vitamin C is what we need! :)
    Thanks for the feature

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    1. Lets try this again...

      A ray of sunshine is very welcomed indeed. What a cheery and bright treasury on Etsy. Well done!