Monday, January 2, 2012

Seasons Change

So, here's what I've been up to over the fall and holiday seasons. Once we got settled in the new digs, I went to work on new additions to the Accessory Showcase collection and geared up for my annual holiday cocktail and accessory parties, which are too much fun to really be considered work. Fall brought in more nature- and vintage-inspired items, like these.

These one of a kind Dead Sexy Skull and Rose earrings were my favorite fall pieces. A friend snagged me some lovely hand painted Day of the Dead skull beads while on vacation in Santa Fe, and I knew they had to become earrings. They now grace the ears of a very happy lady who chose to treat herself to a Christmas present!
For winter/holiday, it's all about adding shine and sparkle. Handmade keycharms, multichain fringe earrings, and charm bracelets were what I had the most fun putting together. If you're at all like me, pretty, shiny things make the cold, dark days of winter far more cheerful!

I'm very excited about how these lovelies turned out. I wore a pair of them to two gatherings over the holidays and they were a hit. I used black and silver finish chains in varying widths to create the fringe. I also created a multichain necklace of the same materials. Fringe and mixed metals are two jewelry trends I love. More midwinter/Valentine ideas are coming together. Photos to follow soon!

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