Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Color Me Happy: Faves of the Week

So, I woke up to 15-degree weather in the Valley this morning, and really had a hard time getting out of bed, much less leaving the house to run errands. Being Caribbean-born, I don't do winter very well. In the post-holiday dog days of winter, I need a little dose of cheer. Looking at some of my favorite Etsy designers' shops, I found some. When it comes to warm and bright, these designers deliver! Here's your happy pill for the week. Enjoy!

Fe Fi Fo Fun
If you think the name is adorable, wait until you check out Fe Fi Fo Fun's Etsy shop! Color, color and more color is the rule here. Upcycled home decor items, painted in bold palettes will bring a powerful dose of sunshine to beat those winter blues. Speaking of blues, these fab frames will add life to any wall in your home.
Jaani, a Texas resident and the designer who hand selects these fantastic flea market finds, breathes new life into them with a great eye for color. Maybe being a teacher of young children allows her to tap into a sense of fun and high energy.
In addition to having a love for upcycling vintage home decor, Jaani creates laundry dryer balls in varying colors and scents, like lavender and pomegranate vanilla. The balls are merino wool, a great moisture absorber, so they'll cut drying time nearly in half. Add a bit of fun to the dreary task of doing laundry!
These colorful frames and candlesticks would make any mantelpiece the focal point of a room. You just can't stay down in the dumps when you look at this fun assortment of shapes and colors. If you're feeling a little ho-hum this winter, visit Fe Fi Fo Fun's shop, and give your space a little pick-me-up!

Me and Matilda
About to tie the knot? Or looking for that little something to give an old outfit some wings? Me and Matilda's charming collection has what you need--delightful ties and bows for ladies, gents and kids in color and print combinations that simply sing!
All the pieces are handmade to order. The brainchild of a fellow entrepreneur, Me and Matilda is the home of the "Everyday Necktie", a washable, cotton tie. Not only are they well made, you can skip the dry cleaning bill and throw them in with your wash! Me and Matilda's commitment to creating unique, high quality, affordable accessories is clear. The collection has the right mix of crispness and humor,  whether you're 4 or 40. The looks have been featured on the Martha Stewart Weddings blog and Disney Weddings.
Whether you want a bright twist on a traditional print, or want to inject some whimsy with a bold polka dot or Chevron stripe, Me and Matilda has a tie for every personality. Check out their Etsy shop for a look at all their offerings. You're welcome!

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