Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mermaids, Ahoy!

5 years' absence is just WAY to long, so this year I'm returning to Coney Island's Mermaid Parade! It's time to start kicking my costume prep into gear. This year, a friend and I are going to be Steampunk Sirens! An unusual melding of themes, to be sure, but I'm excited and determined. Got in some great watch faces and gears to make some awesome steampunky/nautical jewelry.  You'll see my progress in pictures soon. I'm thinking fish net, sailor's knots, tulle bustles, buckles, flutes, harps, the whole nine yards!
My gold sea charm necklace has inspired me...

The costume-making magic begins this weekend. Can't wait! If you've never been to the Mermaid Parade, it's a raucous, loopy conglomeration of parade floats, music, and loads of people taking the aquatic theme to all kinds of creative heights! I'm looking forward to throwing my hat in the ring. Maybe I'll even march in the parade. We'll see how well this idea turns out.
Mermaids, Ahoy!

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