Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Year, New... Well, You Know...

Happy New Year, dear readers! I hope the holiday season treated you and yours kindly and that 2014 will bring you much joy and new opportunities!

My holiday season was a whirlwind, as I'm sure was true for many of you. I spent much of my free time (aka after 10pm when the little humans were in bed) making jewelry, prepping for holiday fairs and accessory parties, tending to my online shops, ordering and wrapping gifts--you know, the usual for an independent designer with a fam. Absolutely no complaints, though. I'm blessed and thankful.

As we stare a new year in the face, many of us are doing a lot of resolving, reordering and re-prioritizing, right? And while some of our resolutions may fall to the wayside, don't let treating yourself well be one of them! The importance of being happy with who you see in the mirror can't be overstated! With that in mind, it's time to start freshening up the wardrobe a little.

A closet-full of new clothes not exactly in the budget? Never underestimate the ability of a bauble or two to amp up your existing frocks and give a new look to your tried and true pieces. That's how I roll, anyway. While having an entirely new wardrobe with the change of every season sounds divine, I, like most of you, don't have it like that. What's the average non-celebutante to do? Make old duds new again by switching up your jewelry and accessories. You'd be surprised what a simple adjustment can do to your favorite outfit.

Here are some styling ideas, inspired by the three "stories" of the Accessory Showcase collection, and featuring some of Etsy's best shops. It's time to get inspired!
For the Vintage-loving Vixen:
Get the Look: Black drop waist 80's dress from The Rabbit Hole; Velvet clutch by DDSLL Girls Store; Vintage bangles from The Gatsby Gals; Grey vintage boots from Jen Style Chic Vintage; Gold finish chain and mauve pearl earrings by Accessory Showcase.
 For the woman who digs Rocker Chic:
Get the Look: Black, fitted leather coat by In Time Fashion; Gunmetal gear and needle charm earrings by Accessory Showcase; Black leather clutch with white screen print by WELMOED Bags; Black studded stilettos by Vile Broccoli Fur.
For the Modern rustic, who likes a hint of Industrial Steam:
Get the Look: Copper gear and large patina pendant necklace by Accessory Showcase; Cashmere cape coat by JM521; Suede vintage lace-up boots from Jan's Vintage Stuff; Hand-forged brass cuff by Addiction to Detail; Vintage plaid high collar shirt from Brown Cow Vintage

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