Monday, March 25, 2013

Winter, You've Overstayed Your Welcome

Winter is being a tenacious season on the East Coast this year. We're a week away from April, and snow is still in the picture! Spring, will you ever come? Despite the bleak picture outside my windows, and the lethargy that cold weather can bring, I'm plowing forward and creating, creating, creating for my spring/summer line. I shake my fists at you, Winter!

Okay, rant over. Now take a peek at these lovelies I've been working on. I hope these get you in the springtime mood, even if Mother Nature isn't cooperating!

Antique silver fine chain necklace with filigree copper bead and French inspired floral pendant

Chain dangle earrings made with fine silver curb chain, copper filigree beads and round floral motif charms

Silver charm necklace hand assembled with fleur de lis, crown, bird and wing charms

Antique silver chain with a cluster of 3 charms--silver leaf, ornate silver key, and copper filigree bead.

Steampunk earrings with copper and silver gears, suspended from fine copper curb chain

Steampunk copper necklace with 4 gear charms in copper, brass and antique silver

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