Friday, September 28, 2012

We All Secretly Want to be Rock Stars, Right?

I'm a pretty classic girl. I'm nuts about items with staying power and femininity. There's also a side of me that loves to add a kiss of Edge here and there. I know I'm not alone! In the spirit of embracing a little Rocker Chic, here are some fantastic finds from the magical world of Etsy that'll help any lady tap into her inner Rock and Roll siren. Cue the pyrotechnics!

Romantic Floral Crown with Gothic Black Roses by Paramount Vintage
Could you just die?? This gorgeous black rose statement headband channels Florence Welch, and has a bit of femininity without being too sweet. The black color and size of the roses brings it out of sweet and into bold, Goth glamour. After all, a Rock Goddess isn't sweet, is she? This swoon-worthy goody is brought to you by the San Diego-based Paramount Vintage, a beautifully curated and designed collection of Vintage and handmade clothing and accessories. Luckily for you, the floral headbands are handmade, so pay a visit to Paramount Vintage and order one to grace your locks. Onstage with a mic, or in your bathroom with a hairbrush, you'll be convinced of your star power!

Gold Tipped Black Leather Feather Necklace by Love at First Blush
Leather feathers? Yes, please! I love an interesting use of leather. Love at First Blush's black leather necklace really gets the blending of girly glitter and badass just right. Hand cut from Italian lambskin, and adorned on one side with gold foil, how can you not want one of these gracing your neck? This Canadian designer has an amazing collection of feather and leather offerings (with a bit of gold, of course!) that will have you saying, "Mine, mine, MINE!" Seriously. Take a virtual stroll through Love at First Blush's shop. You'll fall in leather feather love too!

Hand-patinaed Black Textured Brass Triangle Earrings by Balanced
Balanced is one of my favorite Etsy shops, because the collection has a clean roughness to it. Sounds a bit contradictory, but one look at this jewelry line and you'll get it. Sharp, smooth shapes and lines, roughened up a bit with interesting applications of patina give a deliciously distressed look to the pieces. These brass triangle earrings with "scratched" patina treatment and lacquer seal are wickedly sleek and stylish. And this Dublin-based (by way of Northern California) designer ships internationally, so not even The Big Pond can come between you and your little slice of Rocker Heaven. You're welcome!

Recycled Marilyn Mansion CD Necklace by PYRocks
Here's a recipe for you:
Take a Rock and Roll scholar who's spent years in the high end jewelry market,  mix in a jaw-dropping personal collection of chunky/sparkly/dramatic jewelry, add a love for making music into wearable art, shake well... and you get PYRocks. This line of recycled CD jewelry isn't just super cool--it's made with a strong focus on quality and detail. The CD's are cut with precision, sandwiched between two layers of plexi, and hand-riveted together with nickel wire. All of these CD-to-necklace creations are suspended from stainless steel chains. In addition to what's in the shop, PYRocks will custom make a necklace from any CD you desire! Simply send in that CD you played for a year straight (you know you did!) and it will return to you as a wearable symbol of groupie devotion to your favorite band. So pull out that box of old CD's from your closet and take a peek at the PYRocks shop!

Italian Red Ruffle Stilettos 5x7 Fine Art Print by Captain Cat
A wickedly red pair of stilettos? Mounted and framed on your wall? Total Rocker Chic. Captain Cat Collective has a cornucopia of cool art, fashion and collectibles in their shop. The Dynamic Duo of Oregon-born artist/designer Zelda English and Portuguese painter/musician Rodrigo Neto are the creative engine behind this stylishly quirky collection. Their objective? "The invigorating pursuit to piece together a world scape of absolutely delicious proportions." I'm sold! Wander through their world and find designer shoes, original paintings and photo prints, vintage home decor, terrariums--it pleasantly boggles the mind. Check out their shop. You'll want to stay awhile!

Victorian Style Black Sheer Blouse with Lace Trimming by Dark Margot
When you go to Dark Margot's shop, she asks you to reveal your dark side. And her collection of leather, plaid and lace fashions will make you want to do just that. There's a great rocker feel to all her made-to-order clothes, combined with sexy, ladylike silhouettes and materials. This black sheer blouse with lace trimming at the front and shoulders has a romantic feel and design, yet the sheer fabric and metal flower buttons add a not-your-Grandmother's-blouse attitude. And it's versatile enough to go from daytime to nightlife--what every Rock and Roll woman needs! Visit the shop and see what beckons to your dark side!

If you're liking what you see here, check out other great Rocker Chic finds here. What's your favorite piece?

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